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Special Offer

Guess what? I am running a special offer! I am offering 20% off my hardcover and paperback books when you order directly through me! I will personalize, sign, and ship a book directly to you! Looking to take advantage of this special offer? If so, please follow the steps below. Both of my books are also available through Amazon, but sell out quickly! Links to both are at the bottom of the page as well!



Hardcover original price $25. Discount $20

Paperback original price $20. Discount $17

Steps to order:

1. Send a check to the address below that matches your desired order. Hardcover: $20/Paperback: $17 (please add $4.99 to your check for shipping and handling). OR you can Venmo me the cost of your order to Katherine Kraver.

2. You must send an envelope with a note with your detailed order, personalizations, as well as your contact information (please print your: name, mailing address, phone, and e-mail). If you sent me your payment via Venmo, please make a note of this in your envelope so I can match your name to your order. OR if you sent me your payment via Venmo and you would prefer to send me your note via email, you can do so!


Sample note:

2 Hardcover $40, It Was Just a House (To Jessica) and The Boy With the Red Shoes (To James)

1 Paperback  $17, The Boy With the Red Shoes (To Samuel)

Shipping and handling $4.99

Total: $61.99

Payment: Check




3. Once your payment and detailed note is received, your order will be shipped out the very next day!


4. Wait patiently for your order to arrive! The post office has shared that it can take up to two weeks to get to some destinations, so please take this into consideration when ordering.

Send your check to:

Katherine Mary Kraver
PO BOX 1012
West Springfield, MA 01090

It was just a house on amazon

THE BOy with the red shoes on AMAZON

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